Pro360 NutriFibre Powder - Nutritional Dietary Supplement - 100% Plant Based Dietary Fibre & Water Soluble - Manage Diabetic Levels, Support Weight Management & Better Digestive Health

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  • Nourish your gut health
  • Helps to manage your blood glucose
  • Support your weight management
  • Low caloric value, Low glycemic index, Low insulinemic index
  • Free from preservatives, soy and gluten
  • Easy to consume, can be added to any food or drink

Pro360 NutriFibre is 100% natural origin plant based wheat dextrin (Resistant Dextrin). It is clear, tasteless, odor-free water soluble natural fiber powder that supports gut health and helps to manage diabetes and healthy weight management. 

This Plant based Fiber Nutrition’s prebiotic content helps to build good gut bacteria that improves digestive bowel mechanisms.

Pro360 NutriFibre is 100% water soluble dietary fiber and has benefits of managing diabetes in a well controlled manner, lowering cholesterol, reducing appetite and supporting healthy weight management. 

Pro360 NutriFibre dissolves completely in water and does not have any color, taste or smell that can be added to any food or drink for your daily intake. 

When to consume Pro360 NutriFibre protein health drink

  • 1 serving of Pro360 NutriFibre powder can be consumed between a major meal (eg: lunch/dinner)
  • Evening or bedtime snack
  • As directed by physician/dietician

Twice a day, 25 grams per serving

Take a mug of 200ml water

Add 1 scoop of Pro360 NutriFibre powder

Gradually add powder and stir until it completely dissolves. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: promotes overall gut health, regulates blood sugar levels.

A: it helps to lose weight by making you feel fuller 

A: No it doesn’t have any side effects 

A: It is definitely good for constipation as it has resistant dextrin.