Struggling to gain weight? The weight gainer smoothies and shakes are a great way to add healthy calories to your diet. Every smoothie contains fruit and is high in protein, healthy fats and electrolytes.

From fad diets to fitness plans, weight loss is a raved on topic in the fitness and healthcare industry. However, gaining weight is not an easy task. There are various reasons which are keeping you away from your goal from genetic to metabolism.

Reasons why you might not gain weight?

  • Genetic
  • Medical conditions or treatments like thyroid, type 1 diabetes, IBS, eating disorder or medications.
  • Metabolism, you might be capable of burning more calories than what you ideally ingested.

If your plan is to gain weight, always aim to gain a healthy weight not the ugly one. Ideally concentrate on increasing 700-1000 calories per day which could help you gain 0.7-1kg per week (approx) along with your recommended calorie for the day.

For example:

If you are 60kg male with moderate physical activity, the calorie requirement per day would be 1800-2100kcal + 700-1000kcal (additional calories) = 2500-3100kcal per day.

Gaining healthy weight:

When gaining weight it’s important to do it healthy. This means eating a good diet and exercising regularly.

Try eating less processed foods, high saturated fats and refined sugar. These are all linked to health issues.

It’s important to eat good sources of protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. These will help boost and maintain your energy levels, recover from exercise faster and help maintain holistic nourishment of the body.

1.  Gain lean muscle mass:

If you want to gain that big Bollywood star muscle, do the weight training in the gym for at least 5 days a week. Since muscle weighs more than fat, you will achieve the goal without gaining a lot of fat.

2.  Eat frequent meals:

I know increasing calories is not easy, you might feel pukish if you dump yourself in a go, hence split your meals every 2-3hrs once. Breaking bigger meals will help you eat more calories without having you feel uncomfortable in your stomach.

3.  Choose high calorie foods:

Selecting whole grains and healthy fats like nuts, avocado etc helps you increase your calorie intake without a lot of struggle. Include a cup of whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat or millets in each meal of the day to bulk up on calories. In addition, include a variety of veggies, not to miss on your vitamins and minerals.

Smoothies and supplements, these are the game changers, if you are still struggling to meet your calorie requirement. Adding a whey protein or mass gainer to your boring smoothies can’t just enhance the taste but also can provide dense calorie and protein to your meal.

The best time to have weight gain smoothie:

The best time to have these weight gainer smoothies can either be in your mid-morning snack or mid-evening snack or post workout! As they have lots of protein, which is essential for rebuilding muscle. Each smoothie has a good source of electrolytes which are very important to replenish after high intensity workouts. You want to add these smoothies as a 4th or 5th meal to your diet. This will help give you a healthy calorie surplus.

1.  Weight gainer smoothie:


  •  350 ml Whole Milk
  •  1 tbsp Peanut Butter
  •  1 small Banana
  •  Pro360 Weight Gainer


Add all the ingredients into a blender, milk being the first. Blend until smooth and serve.


Calories: 490

Protein: 19.4g

Fat: 27.7g

Carbs: 46.9g


Calories: 778

Protein: 36.65g

Fat: 30g

Carbs: 94.9g