The most common question nutritionists face by parents is – ‘What should I feed my child?’ As a devoted parent, you want to make sure you do your best. One effective way to reach your goal is by planning healthy meal plans for your child.

Kids these days are so vibrant and full of energy, so is their requirements are also way huge. When it comes to nutrition, there are 2 things to watch carefully macros (needed in large quantity)- carbs, protein and fats and micros (needed in smaller quantity)- vitamin and minerals, for child’s overall development.

In general pre-schoolers grow faster and tend to be very cranky when it comes to eating. The kind of food your children eats influences their eating habits for the rest of their lives. Hence, moms keep coming up with creative food ideas and healthy meal plans for children.

Introducing new food ideas for your toddler can prove to be a intimidating task. Here are a few ways you can achieve this:

  • If you are struggling to make him/her eat eggs try making an omelette and try dolling up with a face (use ketchup)
  • Veggies are enemy then add a thick paste of it to the rotis instead of water, colorful yet healthy.!!
  • Some kids are picky with fruits too, let's do our magic, cut them fancy shapes and give them fancy yet healthy dips like nut butter, yoghurt etc
  • Milk, kids can show cranky faces sometime be creative and give them custards, milkshakes and frozen desserts
  • Offer new foods when your child is in a happy mood – if they are cranky they are more likely to reject it.
  • Be understanding if your child does not like a particular food. Try serving it in a different way few days later.
  • Sit together as a family and enjoy your meals.
  • Keep it innovative! For dinner ideas for toddlers, you could cut up veggies in different shapes every day and put together veggies of different colours. eg. Cucumber, carrot sticks, or rings
  • Give them time, they cannot eat all in a go, small mouth so is small tummy.

If they still are cranky, give them some meal replacers to tackle the nutritional demand at least in one meal of the day, here we suggest our Pro360 kids which comes in 2 universal flavours picked by most of the kids vanilla and chocolate, give it a try.!!!