Pro360 Slim ChocoVanilla Weight Management Meal Replacement Protein Shake, No Added Sugar, Dietary Supplement For Men & Women

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  • Reduces fat cell size and accelerates the cell death of adipocytes
  • Prevents glucose conversion to fat sectors
  • Controls Blood Lipids and Lowers LDL Cholesterol level
  • Promotes Satiety and effectively stops overeating
  • Keeps you active and healthy

Pro360 Slim, The best Meal Replacement Protein Powder for Weight loss is specially designed for persons to reduce excess weight that make ideal meal replacement shakes to make weight loss easier, especially for busy adults.

Pro360 Slim is developed with the right balance of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to induce healthy weight loss and reduce fat cell size will help to accomplish weight loss goals in a healthy manner.

Pro360 Slim, an Ideal Meal Replacement Protein Shake for Weight Management enriched with Garcinia Cambogia contains an ingredient called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which helps to manage weight in a very natural way. Conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA) helps your body build muscle rather than store fat and has anti-inflammatory properties that can make weight loss easier. 
You can consume Pro360 Slim to replace dinner in the initial stage and then have one or two normal healthy meals throughout the day.
Pro360 Slim, Weight Loss Protein powder is available in two yummy flavors Choco Vanilla and Strawberry.

When to consume Pro360 Slim Weight loss protein shake

  • It is recommended to replace one or more meals a day with Pro360 Slim protein shake or as directed by nutritionist in combination with portion controlled diet and regular exercise for effective weight management
  • Recommended duration of use - until healthy BMI is achieved

Twice a day, 25 grams per serving

Take 250-300 ml of lukewarm/cold skimmed milk

Add 3 heaped scoops of Pro360 Slim Meal Replacement Protein powder

Gradually add powder and stir until the powder completely dissolves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, you will get better results with skimmed or low fat milk.

A: You can see results after a month.

A: We recommend this only for adults

A: These are made with high quality, adequate nutrients to supply for a healthy living

A: Initially you can take once a day (preferably in the night as a meal replacement). Reducing the weight gradually is the ideal option instead of going drastic weight loss

A: pregnant women and people with chronic ulcer should avoid this

A: Yes, you have to avoid carb-rich fruits and vegetables like banana & potato.

A: Yes, we recommend you to take plenty of warm water which helps your body to flush toxins and excess fat from the body