Shatavari is an ancient herb which is considered as an ayurvedic tonic to treat various symptoms from stress to fertility. As the name suggests shatavari means “one hundred roots” which helps to increase more than hundred diseases. But this ayurvedic tonic is very crucial for a women’s health right from puberty to lactation. This powerful herb helps to regulate hormonal imbalances, increases fertility, promotes breast milk production, maintains blood glucose etc,. 

For men, it improves fertility by increasing the testosterone levels. 

This article explains in detail about various benefits of shatavari in detail. 

Improves Ovulation: 

One of the most important components of Shatavari is steroidal saponins. This component is known to be an excellent factor to regulate the production of estrogen which in turn promotes menstrual cycle regulation and better ovulation. Higher Estrogen levels helps to support growth, development, and energy during pregnancy. 

Improves Secretion of Cervical Mucus:

Shatavari contains mucilage , a warming Ayurvedic “sexual tonic” for the mucous membrane of the cervix and also protects it. Well-protected cervix secretes cervical mucus which is responsible for fertility in a healthy ovulation cycle. 

The herb also boosts fertility in men by making the semen healthier. And it also helps cure vaginal dryness, which may hinder intercourse, thus delaying pregnancy.

Stimulates the Immune System

Studies show that Shatavari can stimulate the immune cells of the body. Ancient medicine has been using this herb since decades as concoction to boost immune system, helps the body fight against various diseases. It speeds up the recovery time.

Restores Hormonal Imbalances

Shatavari is known to balance the female hormone level. It improves follicular maturity and stabilizes irregularities in the menstrual cycle all of which can enhance fertility and increase energy levels.

Increases Breast Milk Production

Shatavari is known to increase the level of milk during breastfeeding. It nurtures the mother’s body and helps her transit easily through the natural phases of life. Moreover, studies suggest that regular intake of Shatavari helps the mother and baby increase weight.