When you are a new mother, the only thing that clouds up in your mind is your baby getting enough milk? The simple answer is “Yes” but the mind doesn’t understand and listens to the whole family, friends, neighbors and god-so-ever. 

For the first few days, your breasts produce colostrum which is thick and sticky, also very nutritious and very important for the baby. During the initial days, baby will likely feed upto 8-12 times in a day. This frequent feeding for the baby will increase the production of breast milk secretion as a reflex action. 

As the frequent feeding increases the production, which in turn leads to transition of colostrum to a much thinner mature milk. But this milk also is as good as the colostrum to supply the changing demands of the baby.

Signs that your baby is well fed:

Nursing frequency upto 8-12 times a day

Contentful and happy baby is a sign for a well fed baby

Weight gain as per the baby’s milestone.

Baby’s poop transition to yellow seedy texture within day 5.

Baby should have 3-4 stools per day.

Initial days baby might not be urinating but it slowly increases each day. 

Day 2, you can expect 2 wet diapers which will increase each day.

Baby is alert and active when awake.

Signs that determine the baby is not well fed:

latching is painful during feed

Baby is using too less or too long time at the breast (falls asleep or takes 30-40mins per feed)

Weight gain is not as expected 

Stool and urination not so appropriate.

If you are worried your baby isn’t getting enough milk, consider hand expressing your milk. You can feed the expressed milk by teaspoon, cup or directly into his mouth. 

If the signs are not good, you know your baby the best, trust your instincts and seek help from the lactation experts or counsellors instead of starting on a commercial feeding supplements.

Breastfeeding is not always about just giving enough, it's the bond, love, warmth that is built between you and your baby along with proper nutrition. Breasts are the best part of the mother’s body which produces tailor-made supply as per the demands and needs of the baby. Kindly trust yourself and don’t stop feeding your baby until a year.