In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic still raging, it has never been more important to focus on immune system strength, especially when you have diabetic. As a diabetic, you must already be living a life of extra precautions and being careful of your body’s special needs. Still, a pandemic situation like this could cause hyper-anxiety. It is a known fact that both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes enhances the risk of infections in people. Diabetes can impact body’s immunity and make it easier for the Coronavirus to cause damage.

There are two main reasons why diabetics and older people are more vulnerable to COVID-19: One, dysfunction of the immune system caused by the constant hyperglycaemia makes diabetics more susceptible to COVID-19 and further fails to control the spread of invading thogens to various organs of the human body; two, poorly controlled long-standing diabetes damags blood vessels in the human body and thus the circulatory system. Blood has a healing effect, provided it reaches the site of infection, but damaged blood vessels prevent that. These two factors predispose the diabetic population to the easy entry of coronavirus and to its lethal effects.

While current evidence suggests that type 1 diabetics are at no higher risk for contracting or suffering complications from the disease, any illness can have profound and debilitating effects on your blood sugars. For that reason alone, it is a good idea to prepare your immune system just in case you are exposed.As a diabetic, you might be experiencing weakened immunity. There are various medicines and food types which increase the presence of immunity boosting vitamins in the body.To support your immune system and give it a fighting chance against COVID-19, you need to provide it with a long list of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics, and other micronutrients that naturally exist together.As a bonus, a diet rich in healthy plant-based foods also tends to  and can make managing your diabetes easier while reducing your insulin needs.Although supplements should not be your major source of nutrients, however, in the absence of getting adequate dietary nutrients, supplements are a better alternative.

People with diabetes should consider protein supplements for boosting immune system against Covid-19. Vitamin C 2,000mg per day is a good dose of Vitamin C for a good immune system. It therefore helps your body excrete whatever you don’t need into your urine.Vitamin D is a good protective shield against respiratory-tract infections. Consider 2,000 IU to 5,000 IU per day. Zinc
Older people should consider taking about 35-40mg of zinc supplement per day. It therefore improves the white blood cell power over flu, infections, cold and other viruses. Turmeric, Echinacea and Garlic are spice/herb good for fighting viral infections and have a mild protective effect against upper-respiratory infections. Protein powders are a good way to supplement the diet.

The majority of our food intake must be whole, fresh, healthy foods and not scientifically engineered food products. Adding a protein powder supplement to your diet is easy. There are many different types of protein powders available and from my experience Many doctors recommended and suggested Pro360 diabetic potein powder to boost the immune level and manage diabetes for their patients. Pro360 Diabetic Immunity Booster have been the best protein powder for diabetic patients to shown positive impact on enhancing immunityin viral infections. Pro360 Diabetic Immunity Booster contains natural almonds which you may know to be extremely beneficial for a person with sugar problems.  It is formulated with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Tri-protein , DHA and several other nutritions to strengthen the immune level response. Almonds not only bring an array of nutrients like protein, fiber, and Vitamin E, they also help reduce the rise in glucose (blood sugar) and insulin.